Monday, January 16, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Some little bits of this and that following the CSO's Saturday night concert: Listeners were treated to an encore of a Debussy Etude by Pierre-Laurent Aimard following his dazzling performance of Ravel (sans sheet music!). And it turns out that the reason he did not make an after-concert appearance in the Green Room was because he had a flight to catch for New York where he played a concert at Lincoln Center Sunday afternoon. A concert... A Ligeti concert. Let's allow the New York Times to elaborate on that in this piece called Subtle Revenge on Stalin and Other Facets of Ligeti's Art by Anthony Tommasini (January 17, 2006):
"...On Sunday afternoon, for the second concert in the series, the formidable pianist and Ligeti champion Pierre-Laurent Aimard offered scintillating accounts of four of Mr. Ligeti's visionary piano études. He was then joined by the violinist Mark Steinberg and the horn player Marie Luise Neunecker for a commanding performance of the 1982 Horn Trio...."

And, hey! Guess what? Next week's guest with the Cincinnati Symphony is...Marie Luise Neunecker playing Strauss’s Second Horn Concerto!

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