Saturday, September 14, 2013

Henning Høholt
BUCHAREST: One of this years highlights at the Enescu Festival in Bucharest is Orchestra de Paris, led by Paavo Järvi,visiting with two concerts, the first one in the evening 5th September with apporximately the same program as at the Promps in London, just a change as soloist in the interesting, and unfortunately not so often played, violinconcerto by Benjamin Britten, which here in Bucharest was beautifully played by Vilde Frang, – but at the Promps it was played by Janine Jansen.
Paavo Järvi after rehearsal 5.9.2013 in Bucharest. Photo; Henning Høholt, copyright

As it is Benjamin Britten Jubilee year this year, his violin concerto is played a lot right now. The Norwegian audience knows the concerto, as allready in 1975 Ole Bøhn played it with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra with James Conlon. – and later in Sweden and Denmark.
VILDE FRANG. Unfortunately the Britten violin concerto is not at the level of some of the other great violin concertos, but it has its good moments and interesting, and beautiful details and it deserves to be played much more, therefore it was a great pleasure to enjoy it here in Bucharest with Vilde Frang, she has the deepnes, the beautiful tune, and spite in only one rehersal with the orhestra here in Bucharest it worked very well. Of course it was a force for the concert that they just has been playing the same concert, under direction of teir musicchief Paavo Järvi at the Promps at Royal Albert Hall in London, as the details has been polished very well, and it was an extraordinary experience to enjoy how it all sounded.  
Vilde Frang after the Britten concert at the Palace, Grand Hall in Bucharest, foto: Henning Høholt, copyright

Vilde Frang has a wonderful tune in her violin and all the intricate details was on place. I could have liked that they have had 2-3 rehersals more, as I missed a bit the extraordinary expresseion, which is coming av\fter a while, when an orchestra and a soloist is feeling comfortable with each other. The orchestra presented many elegant details, as it is used by Paavo Järvi, they dont overdue anything, the details are there, even in very light pianissimo, but that is what is making the difference between a “normal” orchestra and Orchestre de Paris.
Bravo  !
Vilde Frang m Orchestre de Paris i Bucharest, foto Henning Høholt

The concert opened and ended (of course) with two numbers by outstanding French composers, first Hector Berlioz Ouverture “Le Corsaire” and ended with Camille Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony n0 3 in c-minor, opus 78.
Furthermore the Orchestra served two popular encores.

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