Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some Words of Wisdom on Conducting from PJ

With thanks to Mary Ellyn Hutton for sending us this!
Here are some random comments made by Paavo to his students in Parnu:

"In Russia they would kill you for that kind of pizzicato (dull plucking). Give it character."

"If you want the trumpet to play less, don't just hold up your hand and quit. Hold it up until he responds."

"A conductor needs to look good. Find a comfortable position that isn't a distraction."

"To give the music an edge, give the impression of moving ahead."

"Sometimes looking 'maestoso' (majestic) will do the trick."

"Use small gestures, no more than you need. The bigger you are, the slower you're going to get."

"The winds are rushing because their part moves faster than the choir. Prepare, breathe and be with them earlier. Figure out how to accommodate both."

"Put your lederhosen on here."

"This is not a serious movement ("Dance of the clowns"). Have fun with it."

"This music is ridiculously well known ("Wedding March"). Just going one-two all the time won't do it."

"During the march, look ahead to the fairy music. Begin to feel the motion."

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