Saturday, June 03, 2006

Paavo in Paris at St-Denis

The leaves are on the trees and Paris, that legendary City of Lights, is in full bloom, as Paavo assumes the podium to conduct the Orchestre National de France at the Basilique Saint-Denis (St-Denis Basilica) for two concerts, one on Monday, June 5, and the other on Tuesday, June 6 (ticket information here).

On the program this week: Berg's 7 Early Songs (Christina Schaefer, soprano and Marie-Nicole Lemieux, contralto) and Mahler's glorious Symphony No. 2 ("Resurecction"). Trust me, if the Mahler 2 is anywhere nearly as moving as the performances of it which PJ conducted earlier this year in Cincinnati, you are definitely going to shed some tears. I wouldn't miss this one, if I were you!

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