Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Japanese Fan Writes...

I received this wonderful email today from one of Paavo's great Japanese fans, Sonae Nagaoka. I sincerely would like to thank Sonae for writing and sharing these special thoughts about hearing DKAM's Beethoven Cycle in Yokohama. It means a lot to me that someone cares enough to write, especially when there is the added challenge of having to do it in English. I understood exactly what you were saying, Sonae. And I know how much it will mean to Paavo to read this. He adores playing in Japan and always loves meeting his fans. Domo arigato, Sonae! :-)

I experienced Beethoven cycles in Japan.

I went to his concert in 2002 Prokofiev No. 5 & 2005 Sibelius Sympony No. 2 He conducted Japanese orchestra. I can't forget that poetic harmony.

This time, he worked so much. Almost every nights he performed with Deutshe Kammerphilharmonie.

24 May Educational programms
25 May rehearsal
26 May Symphonies 1,2,3. encore Sibelius sorrow waltz ["Valse Triste"]
27 May Symphony 4, Violin Concerto, Op 61 Hilary Hahn, Symphony 5
27 May Symphonies 6,7 encore Coriolan
28 May Symphone 8,9 Maki Mori{soprano} Michiko Hayasi{mezzo soprano},Daniel Norman{tenor} David Pittsinger{bass bariton}

Every stages were magnificant. Most famous japanese paper said that "Jarvi is genius.He made marvelous sound". They received the highest praise.

"Please don't stop the music" I wished when I hear the music.

After concert, I said hello to maestro. He has a good bass voice.

They gave us a luxualy time.

I really wanted to write presicely. But my English ability is not enough to describe the feelings.

Let's support him with love!


Sonae Nagaoka from Japan

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