Tuesday, January 09, 2007

BONJOUR L'ESTONIE: Järvi follows father to the podium

Believe me, I try to be everywhere, finding all the Paavo news in the world ;-), but sometimes I just miss something! In this case, here's a little piece from BONJOUR L'ESTONIE, circa June 2005, and Maestro Neeme's final Detroit Symphony concert of the 2005 season:
Like father; like son goes the saying. In the orchestra world, Paavo Järvi, music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and his dad, Neeme Järvi, outgoing music director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, share a unique bond.

Growing up in Estonia, Paavo learned conducting at his dad's knee. Today, they have the unprecedented feat of conducting major American orchestras at the same time. (Neeme Järvi will begin a new tenure with the New Jersey Symphony this fall.)

This weekend, Neeme is stepping in for his son to conduct gala concerts in Detroit marking the end of his tenure there, while Paavo seeks medical treatment for an undisclosed hand ailment in Tokyo.

For Father's Day, we asked them :

How does your dad/son inspire you?

Paavo : I would say that his incredible love and curiosity for music is the only reason why I became a conductor.

Neeme : My children are my greatest inspiration. They are always very excited about their work. They ask me sometimes, "Have you heard this music ? This is so wonderful," (not knowing) they are listening to my recording ! But it is a beautiful feeling to know they are learning from me. I am not too old to learn and they give me inspiration.

Why are you proud of your dad/son?

Paavo : Because he is an exceptional musician and a person.

Neeme : Paavo is very strategic, always doing things properly, and he has a winning attitude. He knows what he wants to make happen, and how to get the best results.

What's the best advice your dad/son ever gave you?

Paavo : To follow my own intuition.

Neeme : "Father, don't work too much. You need to relax a bit." But Paavo has two orchestras and is very busy, so I give him back the same advice!

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