Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paavo Järvi in Paris - Impressive farewell concert of Paavo Järvi, 16th of June 2016

Henning Høholt

Thank you to Paavo Järvi

PARIS/FRANCE: Paavo Järvis farewell concert from his Orchestra de Paris became one of the highlights who will be remembered for a long time. He has programmed the demanding and fantastic Symfoni no 3 by Mahler for this last evening, which includes the female and the children choirs of Orchestra de Paris plus the great Alto soloist Michelle DeYoung.

High Quality

With the high quality presented to night and through these years with Paavo Järvi as music chief and chief conductor of Orchestra de Paris, he is underlining its status as one of the worlds leading symphony orchestras, a position that it has been building up through its hard, serious, and very musically series of concerts through these many years with Järvi. And for the whole symphonic interested listeners and viewers through plenty of TV concerts at Mezzo and other places. But also, and not to forget from his predecessors through the history of the Orchestra.

However. It always need the right man at the chief position to continue to hold an orchestra at such a high quality level. It is build on several different basics. The personality of the leadership, the administration, and last, but not least its musicians. And this orchestra has this kind of musicians. Congratulations, and thank you to Paavo Järvi.

Hopefully Daniel Harding, who is taking over the music chief position, will manage to keep the high standard. He has the musicians.

Details in Mahlers 3rd. Symphony:

Expressive start with Horns and Trombones, – and wonderful Trombone solo, (- which is being wonderfully repeated half an hour later, introducing the end of first part). in the first 40 min long part, we then went back to this fanfare opening themes even more beautiful played and with an even better Trombone solo. Guillaume Cotter-Dumoulin (?). Extraordinary.

In the 3rd part the beautiful expressive long mini horn solo in several parts outside the hall was being beautifully formed and played.

The 4th part opens with a beautifully light played symphonic filigran network around the Alto soloist Michel DeYoung, perfect with a warm sound, good diction. Words by Nietzsche, opening to the great choire parts, where we enjoyd the 64 children choire singers and (app) 63 female choir members of the Orchestra de Paris Choire. During the way beautiful violin solos by the concertmaster Philippe Aïche. The splendid choir work is lead by the choire master Lionel Sow,

After a speech by the general manager and handing over a memorial to Paavo Järvi the orchestra surprised him with one of his favorite music pieces, unfortunately, I am not sure, but was it Sibelius: “Incidental Music”?

The last evening for Paavo Järvi was followed by a reception where 500 guests, of course including the whole orchestra, who enjoyed a marvelous service with canapés a lot of refreshments, and excellent demanding, but relaxed entertainment from the orchestra members.

However, Paavo Järvi will not loose the contact with Orchestra de Paris, he will return regularly to the orchestra as Invited guest conductor.

Paavo Järvi congratulated by Henning Høholt at the farewell reception 16th June 2016 at Philharmonie de Paris.

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