Thursday, September 09, 2010

All Nine: the Beethoven Project

Deutsche Welle



The 40-member chamber orchestra, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, is perhaps one of Germany's most unusual ensembles. Under the leadership of artistic director and star conductor Paavo Järvi, the orchestra is taking up the challenge of playing all Beethoven's nine symphonies in just four days at this year's Beethoven Festival in Bonn. The documentary film centers on star conductor Paavo Järvi and selected musicians from the orchestra. Through their eyes, viewers see the musicians' love of music and gain an impression of the inner life of an orchestra. How can the ensemble play the Beethoven cycle over four consecutive days without quality suffering? How do they make their unique sound and what is the nature of the orchestra's work in schools? What relevance does Beethoven's music have for 21st century society? The 90-minute movie 'The Beethoven Project' provides answers to these questions, and many more.,,5921256,00.html


Anonymous said...

A publicity stunt. Yawn.

Lois Sandusky said...

No, you are wrong. I saw part of this on a plane to Europe. Watched it over and over all night, the most thrilling of experiences. Perfect, perfect music, that you could live all your life and never get to hear, I happened, by accident, to hear on a plane. Am running all over the internet trying to find where to buy it.

Dennis said...

Let me know if you can find the DVD of the 9th symphony. Watched it on the plane on unitel classica and it was absolutely trilling