Sunday, February 19, 2012

New film about Paavo Järvi beging filmed in Cincy; producers seek local rising talent, too
by Janelle Gelfand

David Donnelly filming in Downtown Cincinnati

Endeavor Pictures began filming a new full-length documentary “Maestro,” profiling Paavo Järvi, former Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra music director, last month in Cincinnati.
“We’re trying to show a side of classical music that I really don’t think has been shown before,” said Los Angeles writer and director David Donnelly, 30, a native of Lakeside Park, Ky. “People have impressions about classical music. You watch the Grammys, but where was classical music? I just think it’s a missing part of our culture. One of our goals is to get this out and inspire younger kids to pursue things they might think is cool.”
I talked with Donnelly yesterday by phone. He said meeting Järvi and going to a few concerts at Music Hall inspired him “to spend a year in my life making a movie about classical music, when I had never been to a classical music performance before two years ago.

Paavo Jarvi with the CSO at Carnegie Hall

”The filmmakers are seeking young Cincinnati talent to feature in a parallel story that follows the life of a rising artist. To apply, send a headshot and a link to a performance video

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