Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Classical music is not music for an elite, but for everyone!

Only two more days to see the supersized Paavo in Frankfurt! Take a look at these and marvel at the way the city is welcoming him as the new Music Director of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra this week.

An Installation Causes A Sensation
From a great height: an impressive appearance for impressive art

A world star conducts the skyscrapers of Frankfurt. Since this morning a giant sculpture, 30 metres high, has been looking onto the big pedestrian zone "Zeil": Paavo Järvi, the new chief conductor of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, baton poised. The monumental figure of the star conductor towers over the facade of the departmentstore Galeria Kaufhof, onto which it is fixed. In this way the Hessische Rundfunk (hr) welcomes its famous new employee and introduces him to the Frankfurt audience - an excellent conductor, in tails, with his stick and raised arms.

By means of the unusual installation the Hessische Rundfunk brings classical music to new audiences. "Who is this giant?", many people shopping on the Zeil may ask themselves and curiously look up to the sculpture in tails. From 6 until 12 October the massive installation is to puzzle, surprise, delight and invite people to visit a classical concert. Classical music is not music for an elite, but for everyone.

With great enthusiasm and mostly free of charge many have co-operated to illustrate this message. An advertising agency had the idea, a big department store made its facade available, the city of Frankfurt helped unbureaucratically. Last, but not least, the "Society of Friends and Patrons of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra" financed the project.

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