Thursday, October 19, 2006

Paavo Jarvi's First Five Seasons with the CSO

I've just discovered a video interview with Paavo, titled Paavo Jarvi's First Five Seasons with the CSO, conducted on May 8, 2006, with Classical WGUC-FM's Brian O'Donnell. It resides in a lonely place, the website of our local Cincinnati public television affiliate WCET. For whatever brilliant reason, it has received no public attention until now and is hidden way down this page, where you will have to scroll down, down, down on the page to find it. If I could, I would link directly to it for you, but that, it would seem, would be too simple. No. You will just have to find it yourself. And I hope that you, unlike me, have a high-speed internet connection because it is 38 minutes long and next to hopeless to see if you don't.

It is really beyond me why WCET relegates this kind of program to the ghetto that is Web-Only programming. Why has funding even gone into this kind of local cultural programming when it is kept from the station's widest audience, broadcast and cable? Glancing down that extensive list, I found many pieces I would have loved to have watched, but to no avail. For that matter, why is there no replacement for the late Irma Lazarus' interview show, Conversation with Irma? She was a character who was fun to watch and had the pulse on what was going on around town -- and could spice things up from time to time with guest appearances by her numerous celebrated friends. We need something like this to appear regularly on our airwaves to augment the meager offerings in our papers.

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